Events of the Jubilee Year

February 6,7,8

Art & Craft Exhibition, organised by Ivo Leber and his team. 28 artists exhibited their paintings, the wood sculptor, wood crafts and craft makers with various types of craft: costume jewellery, neddlecraft, folk art and baby crafts


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Ivo Leber

March 14 Hunters' Picnic, naturally with an appropriate theme
April 12 Easter Monday picnic  
May 9 Mother's Day - will honour all the work mothers and ladies have contributed to our Club - in the form of photos and slides.  
June 27 Celebrating Slovenian National Day with a cultural program and displays of typical Slovenian food.
July 18 Wine Tasting and "Koline" (traditional Slovenian foods).
August 21 "Next Generation" - function for first generation aged around 50; younger aged about 30 as well as the second and third generations of varying ages. It should be in the form of a "Birthday Party"
September 5 Father's Day - visual display of photos and films demonstrating how our fathers and men got their blisters (building SDM).  
October 10 Bowlers Picnic - all bowling balls must be "gold" on this day - with a Bowling Competition for the "50th Anniversary Cup".  
November 7, 20, 21

Traditional Prayers for "All Saints Day" in memory of our deceased members and friends.

20th & 21st November - The main celebratory weekend for this jubilee year. On Saturday, official ceremony with short cultural program; recognition of recognised members and dance.

December 5, 26, 31

Visit of "St. Nicholas". As this is the anniversary of the first organised meeting (in 1954) and subsequently first Committee Meeting of the Slovenian Club on the 19th December 1954, we will have a Celebratory Holy Mass and officially conclude the celebrations of our "50th Anniversary".

31st December - Silvestrovanje - New Year's Eve.