St. Nicholas (Sv. Miklavz). At most of the Slovenian Churches and clubs around the nation, St. Nick gave quick visits to all the good children and gave them presents! The šola children also performed Christmas songs and delighted audiences with their remarkable voices. It was a very enjoyable day and if you didn't go this year, try to make the effort next year.

See you next time!

Christmas Eve: Carols by Candlelight Get ready Melbourne! This year before Midnight mass on Christmas Eve, there is going to be an experience that is not to be missed: Our very own Carols by Candlelight.

Starting at around an hour before mass, youth from all around Melbourne will be presenting Christmas carols in many languages and styles. At the moment preparations are still under way for this performance and so if you can play an instrument or would like to sing a carol in a group or solo, please contact P. Ciril. So bring along your singing voices and get ready for a great time!

Quiz: How Slovenian, are you? #2

Hi! Its Melissa here, I heard that you all enjoyed my quiz last time, so I decided to write you all another one. I hope you like it! Slovenia has made it in the world cup do you:

a) Buy tickets for the game and tell every one about it.

b) decide that you will watch the game at home and put a bet on Slovenia.

c) your not going to watch the game. Slovenia is going to lose anyway.

2) you have been offered a trip to Slovenia but you have to learn Slovenian do you:

a) jump at the idea you'll do what ever it takes to go!

b) you want to go but you are not to excited about the learning Slovenian part.

c) there's no way you're going there in the cold weather, you'd rather go taning on the beach in Australia!

3) someone asks you for some information on Slovenia, do you

a) run to the library and find every book and article on slovenia and tell them every thing about it.

b) be happy that they asked you about it and tell them where to get information.

c) shrug your shoulders and walk away.

4) Slovenia is on 'Getaway' do you

a) call every one you know and tell them to turn to channel 9 this is so exciting!!

b) tape it for your self and your family

c) you'd rather watch 'the weakest link' GOOD-BYE!!!!

5) you have a coice of dinner do you chose

a) go to your local Slovenian club for dinner

b) get your mum to cook 'kislo zeljo' and a roast

c) McDonalds!

Thanks again for reading the corner. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year. Before I go I would like to notify to all Slovenians that our country has made it into the World Cup for soccer (nogomet)! For more information go to www.fifa.com. Yeah!