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It is Andrew again. I hope you have all had a great Easter. Sorry about last month; all your great letters that you sent me must have gotten lost in the mail. You may realize that we now updated our headings, I hope you enjoy them. This month we have a big package to present to you. If you have any comments I would be more then love to hear them. PLEASE send me some letters! Talent Available… Are you planing or thinking about planing a party or function? Well look no further! There are many young and talented people who are dying to display their gifts to the public. We have an extremely large range of performers available, varying in ability. Some are soloists, some work together in a group but they are all willing to help out. In Melbourne for instance there are traditional piano and button accordion players (Lenti Lenko, Adrian Butinar), flutists (Michelle Fistric), pianists (Crissy Mesarich, Lenti Lenko) and bands such as 'Domaci Fanti'. There are also Dancers (Iskra, S. Šola Dance Group), Singing groups (Fistric Quartet, Wendy & Kristina Cestnic, Paul & Alenka Paddle) and soloists such as Zalika Rizmal, and of caurse, I would be willing to help also. So next time you plan some thing, get a few of us, 'Slovenian youth', involved! You will not be sorry, we will not disappoint you. Just contact me and I will put you in touch with whomever you need. Also available are altar servers. Pater Metod always likes to have an assistant or two to help with servers not only at masses but also Christenings, Funerals and Weddings can be run more smoothly with the help of alter servers. Speaking of altar servers, would you or anyone you know be interested in joining us? If so, please contact Pater Metod if you are in Melbourne, he will be pleased to hear from you. If anyone from Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane or anywhere else thinks that they have talent for Weddings, Christenings etc., please contact me and I will put you in this column and who knows…

This month our star of the month is… Michelle Fistrič

Michelle Fistrič This 16-year-old girl is well known in the community as one of the children in the Fistric Family Quartet. Among her talents as an alto or soprano in singing she also is a quite prominent musician in the art of flute. To add to this Michelle has been quite actively involved in athletics. Ever since she could remember she has loved to participate in some form of sport or activity. She started her first season in athletics way back in 1996 at Diamond Valley Little Athletics Club (DVLAC), where she took part in many track and field events in the U13 girls. By the end of the season it was quite clear that Michelle was in fact an outstanding athlete. She accomplished many firsts and second places including 1st in 80m hurdles, 1st in 300m hurdles, 1st in 70m sprint, 2nd in 100m sprint and 2nd in 200m sprint. Michelle continued again the next year, this time in the U14 girls. At the end of the year Michelle showed her excellence by placing 1st in 5 events and 2nd in 1 event. To add to her glory Michelle broke the record for the 80m hurdles in her division three times. The record is still standing- 13.42 seconds. And also this time, she had competed in a wider variety of events including triple jump, long jump and high jump. Michelle performed so well they decided to send her to the state finals, representing herself in triple jump and hurdles. She managed to come 5th in 80m hurdles and 16th in triple jump. Michelle to this day still competes regularly in most of the track and field events. Although now she has joined a club in Box Hill competing in the U17 women. She in continuing to do great in regional and state events but has also started competing in national events as well. This year Michelle was chosen to compete at the 2001 youth Olympics at which she came 6th. " …It was a really good experience for athletes training to become elite athletes." Also this year she received a sports scholarship from Lady of Mercy College for her dedication and school spirit in the sport department. In an interview with Michelle she told me, "Most recently however I ran at the Australian youth championships held in Bendigo and again I placed second in the heat, however in the final, sadly, I placed fourth. Almost equaling my personal best so I was very happy." Michelle has worked hard to get where she is today. She is one of our fastest young talents and I think we should all get behind her so that she may be able to perform at the best she can.

Andrew Bratina

3 Amazing Facts about Slovenia

How much do you really know about your own homeland? Find out and try answering all the questions! 1) Slovenia's coat of arms has an outline of Triglav and three lines that represent Soca, Drava & Sava. It also contains three yellow stars. What do they represent? ________________________________________________________

2) Slovenian is language spoken by only about two million people.

Not including the other languages spoken in Slovenia, how many dialects are there? ________________________________________________________

3) Slovenia has proved that people have lived there for thousands of years.

To be exact 45,000 years. What archaeological find helped determine this? ________________________________________________________

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