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The Editor

The 2001 Sydney Youth Concert On the 6th October 2001 the annual Youth Concert took place at Merrylands, Sydney. It was a very entertaining night filled to the top with quality acts, from Melbourne, Woolongong & Sydney. There were a very wide variety of performances; from singing to dancing, to live bands to plays and many other pleasing acts. All of the acts were of a very high standard and all performers should be congratulated on their fantastic efforts. On behalf of the people from Melbourne, I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to Sydney for being so hospitable and so welcoming to all of us. We really appreciate it. The people of Melbourne have the pleasure of hosting this great event next year and we would like to welcome you all there. See you next time! A lost love…

"I would love to hear from you!" My name is Mathew Bratina. I am 6 years old and I traveled to Sydney for the Youth Concert and I also performed there. I meet a girl younger than me she was 5 years old. Her name was Alana. I miss you and I cannot forget you. Please write to me and tell me your address.

P.S. Moj ocka so mi rekli, ozeni se moj sin! Kako se bom ozenil, nobene ne poznam! Sedaj pa sem eno lepo spoznal. Yu-Hu-Hu! Mathew Bratina xxxxx

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Na svidenje. The Editor

Catholic Bishops speak to the Young People of Australia Dear Young Catholic of Australia, We live in exciting times. At this moment, as one millennium gives way to another, Christians must set the future course of the Church for the twenty-first century. Drawing on the grace and energy of the Jubilee, Jesus is calling us to "launch out into the deep' of a new millennium. Like the apostles who first met Jesus on the shores of Galilee, we trust that our efforts will result in a 'great catch' (cf Luke 5:1-11). To be effective in this task we need the gifts and leadership of young people. Some terms explained Last year the Church celebrated 2000 years of Christianity. That's two millennia since Jesus Christ came into our world. Known as the Great Jubilee this celebration was perhaps the biggest Christian party of all time. To be a young Australian today involves both blessing and challenge. On the one hand, you are living in a land of great promise and hope. Australia, a civilization both ancient and young, is a diverse gathering of cultures living together in peace. We Australians enjoy a degree of freedom, opportunity and prosperity unknown in many parts of the world. On the other hand, our nation also knows suffering and sin. Many of you, your friends or families have no doubt been personally touched by problems such as racism, alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse, unemployment, family breakdown and suicide. We share your concerns and urge you to acknowledge that, whatever practical solutions may be sought, ultimately the answer to these concerns is found in Jesus Christ. The Spirit-filled life and message of Jesus is Good News because it is the gift of peace that can penetrate the deepest sadness and anxiety of every heart. Perhaps you have already discovered this truth for yourself. Perhaps you are still seeking and testing its authenticity. Your questions, posed and pursued with integrity and a thirst for what is good, right and true are a precious part of your Christian journey. Be both vigilant and discerning. In our society many lies and half-truths are cloaked with promises of happiness, yet deliver only sadness and destruction. Such deception is part of the 'culture of death'. Do not fall for it! Rather choose life! Guard against superficiality: never settle for less when it comes to seeking the greatness of God's plan for your lives. The Cross of Jesus Christ sets us free and offers fullness of life, now and eternally. Choose this life! Claim spiritual values over materialism, generosity before self-gratification, loving commitment before sexual irresponsibility, family and strong relationships before personal gain. A Special Word We are conscious of those young people who, for whatever reason, find themselves distant from the Church. For the times the Church's own membership may have contributed to that distance, we ask your forgiveness and warmly invite you to discover afresh the abundant gifts of our Catholic faith community - our people, our traditions, our spiritual riches.


Kako lepo je, ce imajo otroci dobre starše. In kako zelo so starši ponosni na svoje otroke. Želel bi, da bi lahko vsak naš otrok nekaj podobnega povedal o svojem ocetu ali svoji mami, kar sta pri pogrebni maši 4. septembra letos povedala o svojem ocetu Rudiju njegov sin William in hcerka Tanja:

My Dad was a husband, a father and a grandfather. My Dad was an active member of the Slovenian Club Committee and Slovenian Choir Group. My Dad was a fisherman, carpenter and builder. As a teacher, I was his student. As a master, I was his apprentice. He was, and always will be - my Dad. We stand here today and although our hearts are heavy with tears we are also happy and proud to be celebrating our dad's life with all these wonderful people WHO WAS OUR DAD? He was a man who thrived on life itself, an ambitious young man who came to this country with his beautiful wife, a passion for living, a head full of dreams and the best of friends to share this all with. Dad never dwelled on the hardship or struggles that were endured by himself or those around him, he always seemed to take the good from all of these times, and always wanted to make the best of every situation... Our dad loved life... He was never bored, there wasn't any time to be. He thrived on the simple things and indulged in his passions. He loved to travel... Being outdoors was important, and exploring his beautiful adopted country in the company of family and friends makes our childhood memories rich with stories and happy times. Dad wanted us all to see, experience and enjoy what this wonderful country had to offer. He loved to fish.... Not for the catch, just to be out on the water, or pier... spending countless hours with his mates. He loved his work. There wasn't a thing our dad couldn't fix, build or repair,working with his hands was not only work for him,it was a joy. He loved his friends, of which he was never short of. Many people came and went in his life, all of which I'm sure were touched by him in some way, just as he was touched by them. But above all, my dad loved his family. He found the girl he wanted to spend his life with, our mum. I believe they were each other's gift. Dad, you experienced a wonderful, full and rich life which I couldn't even begin to talk about, but you knew none of this was possible without the love of your friends and family. For us, we saw a man who loved his wife, was proud of his children and inspired by his grandchildren... Mum, Dad left us happy knowing that you have the best of friends and family that will always be there for you.Your strength, will and courage gave dad the power to overcome all his challenges. He wanted us all to be strong, look to the future and enjoy our lives. Just as he wanted us all here today to 'celebrate' his life, smile, shed no tears and remember him as we travel with him on his final journey. Sleep peacefully dad.