Wow is it September already? Well sadly, this month we farewell to Melbourne's Pater Metod. We wish him all the best in his endeavours in Lemont, USA, & thank him for all the hard work that he has done in the 4 years he has been in Australia. At the same time we look forward to welcoming Pater Ciril to our Community. bratboy007@hotmail.com The Editor

The 2001 Sydney Youth Concert Looks like the time has come again when we show to Slovenians in Australia what the youth can do. Melbourne is definitely ready; our bus is booked out with a waiting list. I have heard from Sydney that they are ready too & I am sure that Adelaide has planed something too. See you at the show!

50th Anniversary of Franciscans in Australia On Saturday 25 August, the three Slovenian Churches of Australia, (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne) celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Franciscans in Australia. The night was hosted in Melbourne and began with a short litany, which was led by the Bishop of Maribor, Dr. Franc Kramberger. Following this was a cultural program based on the Canticle of the Sun, which was written by St. Francis. The program included many Melbourne performers and concluded with 'Come sing a song of joy' as the grand finale. There were many guests on the night: Fr. Stane Zore, Provincial minister for Slovenia, Fr. Steven Bliss, Provincial minister for Australia, Very Rev. Fr. John Raccanello, Episcopal Vicar for Migrants, just to name a few. All in all it was a very professional & entertaining night and all the people who were involved should be congratulated.

Thanks again for reading the corner. I hope that you have enjoyed it.

Before I go, on behalf of the Slovenian Dance group Iskra, I would like to extend an apology to one of our members, Sabina Vogrin who was accidentally left out in the last misli's article on Melbourne's Iskra. Na svidenje.

The Editor


We have 17 wonderful students and between the three teachers Danica Šajn, Kristina Šuber and Danica Grželj we have a lot of fun. They prepared for Mother's Day in May and did the Mother's Day Concert on Sunday 13th May. The children are so proud when they get up on the stage and show everyone what they have learned. The months passed by quickly and efore we knew it, it was time to prepare for Father's Day, which we had to have one week after on Sunday, 9th September. This didn't stop the kids from showing their dads and families what they had learnt. It is also a credit to the parents who take the time to bring their children to lessons and who also take the time to teach their children the poems and songs. Things don't stop there. We are now preparing for the Sydney Youth Concert on October 6th, then for Maturantski Ples in November and to close of the year Miklavževanje in December. It is wonderful to see these kids enjoying learning. Thank you to Daniel, Stephanie Šuber, Luka in Lana Gojak, Luke and Mitchell Bleesing, Nadia Laznik, Brendan Dekleva, David and Keira Galbraith, Daniel Samsa, Nicholas Kobal, Lauren Stariha, Sarah Košorok, Jessica in Olivia Murko for being great kids.

Kristina Šuber