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Elica Rizmal

Slovenian language  - Program on SBS In September 1975, Cathy Kerry, of the newly formed Radio 3EA contacted Slovenian broadcasters Helena and Ivo Leber, who were broadcasting on 3ZZ on behalf of the Slovenian Association of Melbourne, and invited them to  a part of the ethnic radio experiment.

Them broadcasters agreed, and later the same month began presenting a two hour Slovenian language program every Monday evening, The experiment proved successful, and Slovenian-speakers have enjoyed the language program for 20 years.

Over the years, many enthusiastic people have contributed the program, including Stanka Gregoric, Edi Polajnar, Jana Gajsek, Derry Maddison, Ana Mandelj and Irena Birsa. I became involved with the Slovenian language program in May 1981 when I began producing short children’s segments.

After only a few months I started preparing the Slovenian language program with Derry Madison. We alternated preparing and presenting the programs with Helena (coordinator) and lvo Leber. Recently, there have been many changes: the program times and length of our programs have changed, and we have been able to get correspondent reports from Slovenia.

I have been working at SBS Radio for the last 14 years, two of those in charge of the Slovenian language program. I have introduced more correspondent reports from Slovenia - some on an ‘exchange’ basis as well a a weekly youth segment. This segment is prepared and presented by several very talented young people: Christina Cestnik and Lenti Lenko, Lidija Lapuh, Mary Patelin, Stane Safer, Natasa Martincic and Tony Lenko. - Eli Rizmal P.S. In the Publication at the 20th Anniversary of SBS I unfortunately left out the great contribution of Slovenian Religious and Cultural Centre in Kew which helped from the very beginning of the Slovenian Program on Radio 3 EA. For zears, until SBS Radio was restructured and the Radio managerial policy changed, they prepared special programs at Christmas and Easter, as well as the religious segments during the year. We are grateful to the late Father Bazilij Valentin, Father Stanko Zemljak, Father Niko Zvokelj, Father Tone Gorjug and at present also to Father Metod Ogorevc, who continues the contribution.

Eli Rizmal