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The Voice of Slovenian Australians Sydney Incorporated, has been set up.


On Saturday, 24th February between 08:00 – 09:00, Slovenians in Sydney heard the Slovenian word again on the airwaves of 89.3 2GLF. A joyous occasion!
After the disappointment of losing the Slovenian program on SBS last year, this new radio venture was a source of great excitement and anticipation within our Slovenian community.
The team of dedicated Slovenians who worked towards this achievement and displayed remarkable spirit and enthusiasm, were led by our talented journalist and broadcaster – Tania Smrdel. She was supported by a team of individuals who pooled their resources, talents and determination to revive the Slovenian radio program. This achievement was not an overnight success, but represents many months of work and many hours of cooperation, initiative and communication between the committee members to make this radio program a reality. 

What has been achieved so far:

President: Walter Šuber
Vice President: Peter Krope
Secretary: Kristine Šuber
Treasurer: Branko Fabjančič
Program Director: Tania Smrdel
They are supported by an enthusiastic committee - Mark Stariha, Irene Stariha, P. Darko Žnidaršič, Mateja Slobodnik, Andrew Šuber and Olga Lah.


Although the initial programs in the coming weeks, will run for 1 hour, we will increase our broadcast time to 2 hours in April. This will be a wonderful opportunity to increase the local Slovenian content, which will allow the chance to invite our community to have input through dedications, stories and local notices of events.
This time on the airwaves of 89.3 2GLF, is a window into the heart of the Slovenian community and a weekly celebration of heritage, a sharing of stories, and a journey through the heart of Slovenian life in Australia. This initiative demonstrates the power of our Slovenian community spirit and determination to preserve and celebrate our cultural heritage.
We hope you will become a regular member of the audience.
You can listen Live, or anytime On-Demand:

You can contact VOSA Radio on email:

Or follow VOSA on Facebook:


From left: Andrew Šuber, Tania Smrdel, Kristina Šuber and Walter Šuber

Submitted by Kristine Šuber
Secretary of VOSA Sydney