november 1999  
In memorie of Marijan PerĻiŤ 
Gone but not forgotten 
By Karen PerĻiŤ
ďLives of great men all remind us 
We can make our lives sublime, 
And, departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sands of time.Ē 
                    Henry W. Longfellow
  As I sit here surrounded by Marijanís life I ponder on how rich one personís life can be. As was said on TV the other night, a personís worth is better, measured by the growth of the internal person than the attainment of external goods. When applied to Marijan nothing could be truer. He has left behind such a legacy that will be remembered and recorded for generations to come. He has contributed a lot to the Slovenian Cultural activity in Australia, whether on Radio, by his written work or by the sheer breadth and depth of his knowledge and ideas. 
 Even though the time is passing Marijan is still here in so many ways. Years of editing the Vestnik have left an indelible record, of not only the historic and social record of the establishment of the Slovenian Clubs in Melbourne, but also the many articles of a literary and historical importance on Slovenia itself. He had a most incredible knowledge of history, not just Slovenia, but most of Europe. I always said jokingly that his knowledge was of such detail that he would have known what Napoleon had for breakfast before going to battle. He was always interested in History and Literature; his knowledge of Slovenian writers is reflected and recorded in the many articles written for Vestnik and other publications. As you go through many of the Slovenian publications here or overseas Marijanís name will pop up attached to articles on a wide range of topics. He was good at short articles, and these were published in Rodna Gruda; the annual Slovenski Koledar and in other publications. 
 The written word lasts long after a person has gone and this will be true with Marijan. Though he has left us physically, his knowledge, philosophy and literary experties will live as long as there are books an libraries. His study, in which I now sit, is a resource in itself. Books in Slovenian, German and English, mostly on Literature, History and Politics. His interest in these areas was purely academic, as he always looked at things with an open unbiased mind. This approach to life will be sadly missed by all who are interested in knowledge, but fortunately much of his skill will remain in the records of time. 
 His biggest project was his book. Unfortunately not completed when he passed away, but hopefully can be published in its current format. Again it was testimony to his literary skills that his approach to his memories of the camps and the period after the war was different. This is why hopefully all of his work will not be wasted, as when in Slovenia last he was encouraged to finish it. Unfortunately this was not to be. 
 Marijan literary skills were respected around the world. Whenever you got a group of Slovenian Writers and Editors together they were all familiar with Marijan and his work. Not everyone agreed with him on everything he said, but this is why people found him interesting, how they learnt by discussing topics and seeing from another perspective. 
 Finally is the legacy he has left for the younger generation of Slovenian descendants. They respected his intellect. Always being a gentleman, he put everyone at their ease and would really listen to their point of view. He was always happy when sharing his knowledge of Slovenia with those who were too young to know. He was happy in Australia but his home was Slovenia. The saddest part of losing  such a person is the loss of the resources that was in his head.