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The Impact International Group is a specialised, vertically integrated manufacturer of tubes and associated components. It was founded in 1958 by Dusan Lajovic and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Impact has a proud history of supplying quality products to some of the world’s best known multinationals. The company’s main products are:

  • aluminium slugs
  • aluminium collapsible tubes
  • aluminium foil barrier laminate (ABL) tubes
  • plastic barrier laminate (PBL) tubes
  • extruded plastic tubes
  • co-extruded and laminated web
  • injection mouldings
  • aluminium aerosol cans
Impact has manufacturing plants in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Slovenia in Europe. They have a combined turnover in excess of A$50 million per year. A rationalization program will see the New Zealand plant cease operation over the next 2 years. Equipment from that plant will be redeployed in Impact’s Sydney and Melbourne plants, in South Eastern Australia. The Impact Group’s products:- finished tubes, laminates and components are exported around the world. Impact has invested heavily in new equipment recently to become a major producer of extruded plastic tubes for personal care, food and household chemical packaging in both Slovenia and Australia. By decorating these with labels, foil stamping, offset print or silk screen print, Impact offers exciting presentation options for marketers of premium image consumer goods. Impact produces a range of laminates specially for tube making. Capabilities include cast co-extrusion of webs comprising up to 11 layers of polymer, co-extrusion coating and co-extrusion lamination. Independent tests conducted in the USA and Europe show that Impact’s techniques result in webs with significantly stronger interlayer bond strength than competitors’ products. This has allowed Impact to successfully market laminates and tubes for difficult applications where others have failed. Included are tubes that:
  • incorporate a highly reflective diffraction foil (hologram) layer for decoration
  • hold antiseptic creams, essential oils and liniment creams containing aggressive chemicals such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, methyl salicylate and others
  • hold permanent hair dye
  • hold the most aggressive toothpaste formulations

A major success for the company has been the supply of plastic barrier laminate tubes for a range of fresh herbs and spices. The product, Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices, is produced and packed in Australia. It is marketed in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Holland, Spain, the USA and Canada. The tube was awarded the North American Tube Council’s International Tube of the Year in 2002 In 2004 Green’s General Foods launched two innovative Peanut Butter products, in laminate tubes produced by Impact. It is believed that these are the largest diameter laminate tubes made anywhere in the world. They won the gold medal for the Packaging Council of Australia - Cryovac Technical Innovation Award 2004 Impact believes this is just the beginning. We expect to see more foods being packed in this innovative type of tube because it offers both protection of the contents and excellent presentation.


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